New DJ Software Is Cool, It’s Free And It Works With Your iPod

Nov 16th, 2007 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players, Podcasting Software

Beatport Sync

What’s better than free dj software for Mac and PC that works with your iPod?

Free dj software for Mac and PC that works with your iPod that doesn’t suck – which is what you get with Beatport Sync.

Native Instruments, which makes the leading DJ software Traktor, and Beatport, an online music service for DJs, have come up with a free dj-style music application based on Traktor.

Equipped with two playback decks and a crossfader section, the software lets you mix individual tracks into a continuous dj mix. Aspects like beat detection, tempo synchronization and loudness optimization are all handled automatically and intelligently by the software.

Beatport Sync can deal with existing digital music collections, and offers extensive tag editing options, archiving features and seamless iTunes and iPod integration. It can also directly browse, play and backup music files from MP3 players, PDAs, USB sticks and cell phones.

They’ve left a ton of Traktor’s features out of Beatport Sync – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The app is really easy to use, is pretty powerful, lets you make mixes and sounds great.

If you try out Beatport Sync and make a sweet podcast-friendly mix, put a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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  1. balmukund says:

    it is very good

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    great stuff, Could be better……….

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    i love it

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    is good

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    Looking forward to using it

  13. woowoo says:

    it’s cool

  14. Jangle says:

    You guys should also check out “djay” (, an awesome DJ software for iTunes on Mac.

  15. Wow Great software for ipod looking for it from long time… thanks for information… this is the best site

  16. thai nguyen says:

    i cant wait to try it ….thanks

  17. mitch alden says:

    Is this software still available to download? If so how?

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    does anyone have a similare sofware for a normal Window PC??

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    It;sVery Nice

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