A Tip From A Billionaire: Stop Using File Sharing; Share Your Music With Google!

Nov 21st, 2007 | By | Category: General, Strange

Billionaire blogger & HD video guru Mark Cuban has an interesting perspective on the controversy over the issue of Internet companies blocking P2P traffic:


“As a consumer, I want my internet experience to be as fast as possible. The last thing I want slowing my internet service down are P2P freeloaders,” he adds.

“Thats right, P2P content distributors are nothing more than freeloaders. The only person/organization that benefits from P2P usage are those that are trying to distribute content and want to distribute it on someone else’s bandwidth dime. “

For those freeloaders that use P2P for sharing music, Cuban offers this tip:

If you are trying to do distribution of audio or video, why in the world would you use P2P when Google Video will host and distribute it very efficiently and for free ?

To help those of you who can’t understand how to distribute audio on Google Video, here is a hint: Re encode it with a little video, a couple pictures, whatever. Then it it wont be an audio file, it will be a video file.. Ta da. You get distribution by the best distribution network on the planet, for free.

That’s right – now you know how the billionaires do it.

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  1. misspeter says:

    yeah, because when you transcode an mp3 to video and then back to mp3 to play on your ipod it sounds so good.

  2. Rob Blatt says:

    Cuban shoots his mouth off a bit too much at times, and this time he’s completely ignoring legitimate uses of P2P systems like Linux distros, Skype, Joost, and World of Warcraft patches.

    Cuban’s showed his ignorance for P2P in the past (https://www.podcastingnews.com/2007/01/24/mark-cuban-on-future-of-bittorrent/) so this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  3. AJ says:


    I think he hates p2p because people share high def movies and he’s trying to sell HD service.

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