Association for Downloadable Media Board Members Reveal Goals, Plans

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adm.jpgThe Association For Downloadable Media (ADM), a newly-formed organization dedicated to “providing standards for advertising and audience measurement for episodic and downloadable media,” announced today the election results for the 20 positions on its board.

Podcasting News Publisher Elisabeth McLaury Lewin talked with some of the newly-elected board members and committee heads, asking about what inspired their involvement in the ADM, as well as their goals for the coming year on the ADM board. Here’s what they had to say:

Risto Koski, Multimedia/ Nokia Music and Podcasting: “In order to get the downloadable media ecosystem to work properly: participation of all industry players is needed: the publishers, aggregators, advertisers and distributing media. This goes naturally beyond North American market from which most ADM members are coming from.

I see the importance of media industry working for standards. Without standards which should based on the true technological capabilities for content and advertising – there will be scattered groups of companies trying to push out proprietary solutions with only limited audience reach for the publishers and advertisers.

Another important issue: without proper measurement standards not only for online (pc/ Mac) – much standardization work is also needed for the ever more focused portable devices. Especially connected, mobile handsets which increasingly offer access to internet media directly through wifi, wimax and 3G/ Edge. I believe these portable devices and mobiles are clearly breaking traditional roles and delivering more control to the user.

My perspective is the next generation of downloadable media: open source and global through the portability and mobility – offering the user the freedom of choice for time and place to create, share and consume content on the go as a part of daily social life.”

Kent Nichols, Ask A Ninja: “The more standardization in the terms of ad units, the less confusion there will be amongst buyers. The less they are confused the more they will buy.

I hope to bring a sense of clarity and cut through the BS that surrounds the industry right now. Form a consensus about which ad formats are working now and what type of measurement is going to be the standard.

And do it from a small publisher’s prospective (I know that seems odd for me to say, but even though AskANinja serves millions of videos a month, we’re still a blip compared to mainstream media).”

Rob Greenlee, (Microsoft) Zune Podcast Programming Lead: “I am hoping to help pull the podcast industry together to develop sponsorship format standards, and help educate existing and future podcasters about all aspects of podcasting. My strongest interest is in industry-wide standards in the implementation of XML-based syndication feeds (RSS & Atom). I also have an interest in marketing and promoting new and unique podcast content to everyday viewers and listeners around the world.”

Jim Louderback, Revision 3 CEO: “We need to legitimize ourselves as an industry and come up with standards around reporting metrics, viewership metrics and ad inventory units. I’m looking forward to working with the board and the rest of the industry to come up with these standards so we can hasten the movement of dollars from traditional TV to online media.

We also need to do a better job helping viewers wade through the monumental amount of dreck out there, and to discover the really great stuff being produced. Discovery is also key, and I’m hoping we can help pioneer some unique ways to solve that problem too.”

Tim Street, creator of French Maid TV: “We need a marketplace for advertisers and online content producers to buy and sell video and audio advertising on the Internet. Without industry standards for downloadable media there will be no marketplace for downloadable media and without an organization like the ADM there will be no industry standards. It was either wait for someone else to do it or get some like minded people involved and do it ourselves.”

C.C. Chapman, The Advance Guard (and the popular music podcast Accident Hash): “I wanted to be part of the Advisory Board to insure that the ADM remembers everyone in the community, and not just big businesses. I hope that the ADM can help out everyone who wants to take their podcast to the next level by monetizing it in some form. I know that isn’t for everyone, but for anyone who wants that, I hope the ADM can help.

As a marketing professional, I’m also hoping that we can bring podcasting to a new level of acceptance as a viable medium for advertisers and brands to use in their campaigns. Right now it is not much more then a buzzword to most of them and I want to help change that!”

Rob Walch, Wizzard Media executive and Podcast411 creator, was elected Chairman of the Education and Outreach Committee: “I have felt an organization like the ADM has been needed in podcasting for quite some time now. When the ADM was announced and I saw the companies involved, and their goals, I felt it was a good thing for podcasting.

Being involved from my perspective is a way for me to pass on to listen[ers] to my show on what is happening in the ADM, and also to get feedback from my listeners to pass back to the ADM. Whether or not a podcaster is a member I am very interested to hear their thoughts and opinions and share them with those in the ADM.

My plans and goals for the ADM are to help get the word out about the great content that is available as a podcast. I also want to help recruit advertising agencies to become part of the ADM.

Essentially it’s a two prong approach – educate potential subscribers and potential advertisers about our medium. To do that, I hope to recruit into the Education and Outreach committee those that are most passionate and informed about our medium.

I welcome anyone who is part of the ADM to contact me if they want to be part of this committee. And for those not yet part of the ADM, please consider joining and actively participating.”

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