Hulu Betas HD Streaming Video

Dec 4th, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Streaming Video

Hulu LogoInternet video startup Hulu today announced the beta of a new high-definition video service:

Today we’re excited to launch an HD Gallery featuring a selection of High Definition video clips at 1280 x 720 resolution. Those of you with a fast internet connection of 2,400 Kbps or higher, the latest build of Adobe Flash Player 9, and a fast computer (check out our system requirements) can stream these High Definition clips and preview the future. We realize the requirements are still fairly hefty, but we know and empathize with those of you who like to stay on the cutting edge and wanted to give you a sneak peek of streaming high definition video.We’ve limited the bitrates on these HD streams to allow as many users as possible to sample high definition streaming. Even so, we think you’ll agree that the results are a huge step up from what we’re used to seeing on the web. We look forward to a day when this becomes the baseline for video quality on the web, and we plan to play our part in making that a reality.

Hulu’s announcement shows how quickly things are moving in Internet video. Broadcast television is going HD in 2009, but a lot of people will already be getting their HD via the Internet by then.

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  1. […] Because of Flash’s ubiquitous reach, Flash 9 is likely to become a de facto standard for delivering HD Web video. Internet startup Hulu already has a Flash-based HD Web video offering in beta testing. We’ve tested it out, and found the image quality to be excellent, and the streaming rate to be smooth, but not flawless. You can download the Flash update from the Adobe site. […]

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