Why Twitter Matters. Hint: It’s Not Because It’s Popular.

Dec 11th, 2007 | By | Category: Commentary

There’s been a lot of discussion in the blogosphere today about the importance of Twitter.

David Armano, VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass, wonders “Why is Twitter exploding?”, and suggests that it’s rapidly growing because it has created a “conversation ecosystem”.

Forrester Analyst Jeremiah Owyang says that “conversations have shifted to Twitter,” and calls it a next-generation chat room.

If Alexa’s traffic statistics are any indication, though, Twitter isn’t exploding, it’s stagnating. Here’s an Alexa graph of Twitter.com’s reach for the last six months…..

Twitter Alexa

You can debate the accuracy of Alexa’s numbers, but there’s nothing there to suggest that Twitter’s reach is exploding. Twitter accounts number in the hundreds of thousands, 660,739 as of today, with a large portion of these accounts inactive.

It’s Not How Many People Are On Twitter That Matters, It’s Who Is On Twitter

To understand the importance of Twitter, you have to consider who is using it, not how many. A look at the most active Twitter users reveals that the service has captured the attention of many of the most prolific content creators on the Web.

Active Twitter users are also active in other new media, and as a result, have a disproportionate influence on the development of the Web. Active Twitter users are bloggers, podcasters, video podcasters and vloggers. Active Twitter users are the people creating new content on the Web, and they are the ones linking to new content and new ideas on the Web.

It’s rapidly becoming easier and easier to publish content to the Web. Twitter makes it trivial to post to the Web, and active Twitter users are the ones figuring out what this means.

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3 Responses to “Why Twitter Matters. Hint: It’s Not Because It’s Popular.”

  1. virgil says:


    i tried twitter and it was just a bunch of people saying that they had a cheezeburger for lunch. I’m not sure if I don’t get it or if it’s just a bunch of hype.

  2. Many people don’t even visit the site to access or publish content so alexa numbers are not accurate.

    Tools like Snitter help people to read and write without even going to the site.

    Virgil, it’s a chat room, you make it what you want. My network talks about web marketing –not what they had for lunch.

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