Apple’s Top Podcasts Of 2007

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Best Podcasts of 2007

Apple has updated the iTunes store with a directory of their top podcasts of 2007.

Lots of the usual suspects, including Sesame Street, NPR’s Fresh Air, Ask a Ninja, Grammar Gril Diggnation, Boing Boing TV & Tiki Bar TV. It’s a great starting point, though, for people new to podcasting.

Another demonstration of the fact that Apple has done more than any other major company to promote podcasting.

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  1. Final Taxi says:

    — But wait– mine isn’t on there.

    Who do I have to pay off?

    Podcast: The Final Taxi

  2. Drew says:

    Can’t seem to find that section… Anybody got any clues?

  3. Drew says:

    okay, found it…

  4. info says:

    Drew – sorry we didn’t link to it.

    If anybody has tips on linking to a index page within iTunes, let me know!

  5. Christopher says:

    Rad! Can anyone offer any help in navigating to that page. I’m searching and searching but I can’t find it. (I seem to be able to find every other iTunes “best of” tho…)

  6. robert says:

    You can link to an index page by right-clicking on the arrows that lead to the next page and saving the URL. I just figured that out. It’s weird cause it points to the next page not the one you are on.

    yay. We made the list!
    CD Baby Podcast

  7. Todd Cochrane says:

    Apple may have helped podcasting in the beginning but they sure as heck are not helping the space now nor have they helped the space in a long time.

  8. info says:

    Robert – thanks, I added a link.

    Todd – is any other company doing more to raise awareness of podcasting than Apple? Why you so harsh on them?

  9. […] I saw at Podcasting News that the iTunes Podcast Directory has a list of its Top Podcasts of 2007, and congratulations to Jesse at The Sound Of Young America¬†for placing two shows on their list.¬† WFW didn’t get a mention, nor did I expect it to, but those that made it lead to an interesting discussion about the current state of podcasting. […]

  10. Karin Hoegh says:

    The page you are linking to – is it avaliable outside US? – definitely not in Denmark.

  11. Congrats to all, indies and established brands…MommyCast is proud to have made the list with all of you!

  12. Jon says:

    I think Apple has been and continues to be a huge boost to podcasting. To this day, I find a lot of good podcasts by browsing through the iTunes podcast directory. If anybody is interested I have my own list of top podcasts.

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