iPhone Top Gadget Of The Year

Dec 12th, 2007 | By | Category: iPhone

iPhoneTime has published their take on the Top 10 Gadgets of the Year, and the iPhone came out on top:

“The iPhone changed the way we think about how mobile media devices should look, feel and perform. The design is exceptional inside and out: It’s got a slick glass-and-stainless steel case and an elegant touch screen loaded with eye candy. It’s an iPod and a 2-megapixel camera. Images and video clips display vertically or horizontally ‚Äî they reorient themselves depending on how you hold the thing.

When the phone detects a wireless network within range ‚Äî your own home wi-fi set up or somebody else’s ‚Äî it lets you tap once to connect, and then proceed with your Web surfing, Google mapping, emailing and other activities that can otherwise be painfully slow over AT&T’s cellular network ‚Äî the only one, unfortunately, that carries iPhone calls.”

You could argue that the iPhone’s competition was a little weak this year. Other gadgets in the top ten include the Palm Centro, the Samsung P2, the FlyTech Dragonfly, the Iomega eGo Hard Drive & a Belkin WiFi Router. Notably absent from the list is the Amazon Kindle ebook reader, one of the more hyped gadgets of the year.

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