More iCr@p: The iPond Tortures Goldfish With Your Music

Dec 15th, 2007 | By | Category: iPod Accessories, iPods & Portable Media Players, Strange

We thought that our 2007 Holiday Guide to iCrap was pretty comprehensive, what with the iPod Tooth Whitener and all.

Well, looks like we were wrong:

The iPond is iCrap

The iPond is a tiny fish tank that doubles as a music speaker.

Unfortunately, it’s a tiny fish tank that is about 15 times smaller than the recommended tank size for the fish it holds. The tank’s water capacity is only 650 millilitres once rocks are placed in it.

And the fish get to vibrate along to the music, courtesy of the cheap speaker built into the iPond.

The RSPCA has called on the device to be banned because it is too small to provide fish with adequate oxygen supplies and a clean environment.

Animal Liberation Victoria’s Noah Mark said he was disgusted by the invention. “The fish in this thing does not look like it has very long to live and it can barely move,” he said. “Even if it does live it’s not [a] life worth living … it’s really just a torture box.”

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  1. ayman says:

    I feel like trashing my own mini ipod and supporting some other company that doesn’t believe in torcher…

  2. Mayman,

    The ipond is not made by Apple, so don’t blame us.

    Apple Spokesperson

  3. Tharley says:

    The poor fish can’t even turn around. All it can do is bob up and down. Also, where/how do you feed it? This reminds me of the fish disco shoes.

  4. Tiia says:

    It must be very pretty when the fish is only lying on the rocks… And then when the fish dies… 🙁
    People are stupid, sometimes.

  5. ipond hater says:

    ok that is sad why would any one want to put a helpless fish in something that tiny…. All the good ideas taken already??? ohh wait i know they like to watch thing die! yep thats gotta be it

  6. Tim Miller says:

    This is the result of humans considering non-human animals as property.

  7. Jackson says:

    Humans are so strange, weird, Wack, dumb, stupid and most off all evil !! i am ashamed to say im a human. I would love to have a chatt to the sicko’s who invented it and OK’d it.

  8. Sashi says:

    Only a complete BAFOON would buy somthing like this…

  9. Ryan Gee says:

    I actually own, this. It has atrocious SQ… but it is neat to have a “portable” fish tank, I actually really like the idea, I am going to buy another one ( if I can still get one ) for my mother.

  10. Ellen says:

    Ryan Gee (aka a complete BAFOON)-

    I suggest you take the convenience for the animal into consideration before you own. For less than $100 you could have set up a larger tank with a better environment for the fish.

  11. alice fay says:

    This is so cruel – i own a Betta fish (in an aquarium of course), and they are very intelligent fish – it is pure cruelty to keep them in this pile of crap

  12. […] Animal activists in Austraila, where the tank has been flying off store shelves, have called for banning of the device. More… […]

  13. animal luver says:

    That is the worst kind of animal cruelty!!! How would you like it if someone kidnapped you from your home, stuffed you in a box where all you can do is sit up, NOT STAND, and then blared music so loud you vibrated all day? And maybe into the night? It got humid in there and you started to suffocate, and then it got so hot in there, you died. Would you like that? Didn’t think so!!!!

    Someone has to do something!!!!!!!! Whoever created, sells, and buys this stuff are animal cruelty idiots!!!!

  14. Jasmine says:

    This is the meanest thing I have ever seen!!!!
    The poor fish can’t even move in there and how is it supposed to eat… not to mention, BREATHE!!
    I can’t even imagine someone who would be willing to buy this… well other than to set the poor fish free!

  15. Kathy says:

    I work in a pet store, and grief people are so misinformed. For example, did you know that a goldfish’s life span can be 25 YEARS?- that is, if its not kept in a bowl. Betta fish are actually incredibly intelligent- I have two. They can live up to 4 years when properly taken care of. This is as stupid as that “self sustaining kit” they sell where the betta’s poop feeds the plant, and then the betta eats the plant….THEY”RE CARNIVORES PEOPLE-THEY EAT BRINE SHRIP AND FISH MEAL-NOT PLANTS!!! Ugh.

    A betta will not survive long in there. Bettas breathe by gulping air from the surface. It will suficate. Really, whoever came up with this is retarded, and the people who buy it are even dumber.

  16. reesie says:

    this wouls be a great idea!!!

    if it was like 100x bigger and 100x wider. that honestly is pretty retarted. i mean yeah, betas dont move a lot, but that doesnt mean you make it so it cant move at all.

  17. RP says:

    This is a stupid idea. Aside from the usual arguements over the size of the tank, has anyone realized that MP3Players are PORTABLE and would therefore be SHAKING the up? And it also doesn’t look like it has an opening to feed it. I’d rather have a real screen on my iPod, so I can tell what song I’m actually playing.
    As soon as people realize that it’s impossible to keep the fish alive, and that the iPonds serve no purpose otherwise, the sales will drop and the product will disappear. It won’t even have to be recalled.

  18. Jaz says:

    Seriously, who would even think of this? Whoever did really is an idiot.

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