Neuros Pushes “Unlocked” DRM-Free Media Branding

Dec 19th, 2007 | By | Category: General, iPods & Portable Media Players

DRM-free logo

Portable media player manufactuer Neuros Technology has created the Unlocked Media brand to create a consumer friendly trademark out of the abstract idea of “DRM Free” media.

The concept behind the Unlocked Media trademark is that it be made available for free to any entity that uses media using open standard technology which is available to all on a non-discriminatory basis. Ultimately, Neuros is looking for an independent third party to administer and manage this mark.

‚ÄúThe Unlocked Media definition was chosen very deliberately to stand for a consumer benefit. The point of this mark is not to make a political statement, but to promote the fact that unlike DRM’d media, Unlocked Media can be played and stored virtually anywhere‚Äù said Neuros Outside Counsel Andrew Gray. ‚ÄúAs an example, although controversial, we included patented technologies in the definition because the mark is intended to mean compatibility with existing devices like the iPhone.‚Äù

Neuros hopes to start a grass roots effort to promote the Unlocked Media brand that can unite organizations that create devices that create unlocked media and stores that sell it.

“Big Media is waging a strong campaign to convince our legislators to pare down our digital rights and outlaw many technologies to create Unlocked Media.” Said Neuros CEO Joe Born “We need a shorthand to rally citizens and fight back.”

While the idea behind Unlocked Media is great, the logo is not very memorable and we’re skeptical that Neuros is influential enough to rally other companies behind their brand.

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  1. Maple Delnero says:

    I called AT&T told them I need the unlock code for a iphone 4 that I purchased on ebay. They did a background check on the phone and saw that it was out of contract and no money owed. They asked me for my email address, my contact number, and my phones IMEI number and that was it. They siad it will get a email with instructions for the unlock. took about 5 mintues total. went very easy and smooth transaction.

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