CBC Wants To Make You Famous – In Canada

Dec 21st, 2007 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

Canada’s CBC is looking for proposals for original online content. This is an open call, so you don‚Äôt have to work at the CBC to submit a proposal.

Here are some of the factors consider when putting together your pitch:

  • Potential impact – There is much competition for limited resources and success in the new media area is uncertain; the CBC wants to concentrate its efforts on fewer projects that have larger potential impact, while offering public value.
  • New business models/approaches – The CBC is interested in proposals that help them understand different business models and relationships or technological approaches-they hope to create ‚Äúlow-to-no cost‚Äù alternative distribution ‚Äúchannels.‚Äù
  • Audience appeal – The CBC is interested in ideas that resonate with and attract a large number of viewers/audiences in genres they already serve well via radio and television.
  • Content – They have particular interest in shorter form video or audio-in either comedy or music-that can be delivered to broadband or wireless.

Proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Cost – Is the approach of the project in line with resource realities? What is the bottom-line cost to the CBC to approve this project?
  • Building community or audience – Does the project have the potential to attract a significant audience or build online community?
  • Use of the medium – Does the project make full use of the unique characteristics of the online world?
  • Innovation – Does this project take the CBC somewhere new? Is it an innovative idea or concept?
  • Revenue potential – What is the potential to generate revenue? Is the proposal creative in the way it looks at potential revenue sources or partners?
  • Reflection of Canada – How does the project further the CBC’s mandate as the nation‚Äôs public broadcaster?
  • Rights – Is the project feasible within CBC‚Äôs current rights framework? Is it possible to complete the project using existing talent agreements? Are there limitations on distribution?

Your proposal should outline the full scope of your proposed project, including the creative approach. Identify your intended audience, as well as the tone, perspective and style for how you intend to reach them.

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