New Podcast Published From The High Seas

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messing about in ships

Messing About In Ships is a new weekly maritime podcast. The podcast is unique in that it is recorded and published from the high seas.

‚ÄúI was lucky to be assigned a ship with satellite technology that allows me to record our podcast ‘Messing About In Ships’ regardless of my location,‚Äù explains Captain John Konrad.

The podcast is an outgrowth of Konrad’s site, which is the home of his blog and also a Digg clone that focuses on maritime news.

“I started by writing the blog on the site and through that met some interesting people including my co-host Peter Mello.”

“I’ve always had a passion for the sea and teaching others about its rich and storied culture,” adds Peter. “If we can share a small part of our passion we’ll surely succeed in enriching the maritime community.”

You can preview the latest episode of Messing About In Ships below. To subscribe to the podcast, add this feed URL to your podcast software:

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