Podfather Adam Curry Backing Ron Paul

Dec 28th, 2007 | By | Category: General

Adam Curry, who along with Dave Winer helped pioneer podcasting, is backing Ron Paul for president and is using new media to do it:

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  1. When Ron Paul is elected President, and various celebratory events are held in Washington as part of the inauguration, perhaps Podshow can co-sponsor an event with Stormfront.org, who are also also giving Ron Paul their explicit support.

    Stormfront.org, founded by former Klansman Don Black in 1995, is the hub of a “thriving neo-Nazi community,” according to this article published by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    The SPLC also gathered up a selection of the “enlightened” dialog featured in the Stormfront forums.

    Stormfront’s video endorsement is here.

    Paul has said he doesn’t want money from white supremacists, and yet he has also declined to return the donation.

    Paul states in one of the videos that he’ll keep the Stormfront money and use it for a good purpose, rather than return it, and risk having Stormfront use the same money for a bad purpose. Yeah right, Ron.

    I can see it now: Don Black and Adam Curry on the dais together, welcoming President Ron Paul to the “New Media/New Order Inaugural Ball.”

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  3. Eric says:

    Oh please. Talking about living in a “modern society” and endorsing Ron Paul are completely contrary to each other! Ron Paul is neither progressive nor the strict Constitutionalist he claims to be. So he’s “free market” on some things, and he speaks out against the war in Iraq… a lot of people do that. But how’s his position on a woman’s right to choose, Adam? Asked him about that? Oh wait! He doesn’t believe she has one! There are also some other major contradictions in this “straight talker” you’re endorsing. You ought to do your homework better, Adam!


  4. info says:

    Great feedback – I’m in Iowa, where they’ve been politicking hot and heavy for about a year. Ron Paul is using a fake psuedo-grassroots campaign that’s really annoying – graffiti, bumper sticks on signs, that sort of junk.

  5. Eric says:

    Yeah, this whole endorsement thing leaves a real sour taste in my mouth. Adam is clearly taking a knee-jerk “business first” position. How can you take a guy seriously who only lives here part time? Yuck!

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