Why Is Wal-Mart Selling X-Rated iPods?

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iPlayboyIf you’re planning on buying an iPod, Zune or other portable media player for your kids, you may want to think twice before buying it at Wal-Mart.

According to several reports, the company has been selling used media players as new ones. Some parents have even found that the players that they bought for their kids were filled with porn!

In Cookeville, Texas, the family of a 10-year-old girl who received an MP3 video player for Christmas was shocked when it found the player was loaded with explicit songs and porn.

“Within 10 minutes, my daughter was crying,” Cookeville resident Daryl Hill told Nashville, Tenn., TV station WSMV.

The Hills had bought three MP3 players for their children that came from a Wal-Mart store in Sparta, Tenn. It turns out one of the MP3 players had been returned to the store from a previous owner who loaded sex clips, graphic war scenes and songs that they found offensive.

In a similar case in Orangeville, Ontario, Mike Matthews was disturbed to find out that the iPod that Santa left for his 10-year-old son was filled with material he considered inappropriate.

The first thing he found on the iPod was a song titled I F- – – g Hate You.

Godsmack’s I F*cking Hate You features the less than kid-friendly chorus:

I f*cking hate you
You’re such a liar
And I love to hate you
You’re all the same to me
F*ck you (f*ck you)
F*ck you (f*ck you)
F*ck you (f*ck you)
F*ck you (f*ck you)

Mr. Matthews said the player, which had been purchased at a Wal-Mart in Wasaga Beach, was obviously used. Wal-Mart said it has a policy of selling only new merchandise, and the used player may have been returned to the shelves by accident.

Always Low Prices For Porn-Filled Zunes

While buying an iPod at Wal-Mart may be risky, buying a Zune there can be even riskier.

A couple from Chicago gave their 12-year-old daughter a Zune as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, the device came with a special surprise – an hour and 44 minute “homosexual orgy.”

According to the couple, the Zune package had been tampered with and the Zune charger was missing. When they complained to the Wal-Mart where they purchased the Zune, the store manager blamed the situation on Microsoft.

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