MacWorld Hosts Podcasting Symposium Jan. 18

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Steve Jobs at MacWorldA number of well-known figures in the podcast production and promotion industry will be featured at the MacWorld Podcasting and Rich Media Symposium, all day next Friday, January 18th, at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco.

The MacWorld Podcasting and Rich Media Symposium promises to cover the whole gamut of podcast issues, from creation, audience-building, monetization, and content planning.

“We’re going to share how to move from producing shows you love to do, to shows people love to hear ,” said Scott Bourne, host of The Apple Phone Show.

Session speakers include podcasting and new media figures Leo Laporte, host of This Week in Tech; Richard Burns and Dusty Wright from CultureCatch; Paul Vogelzang, producer of MommyCast and Friends, and Lee Gibbons, CEO of Podango.

The Symposium runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Here are the details…..
Pre-Production (9:00 am – 10:30 am)

9:00 * Craig Syverson, Grunt Media — Podcasting Overview — Know the Basics Before Building Your Show
9:30 * Scott Bourne, The Apple Phone Show — Podcaster’s Checklist, Building A Show Clock
10:00 * MommyCast — Building a Successful Podcast from the Ground Up
10:30 * Lee Gibbons, CEO of Podango, Considerations and Options in Choosing a Hosting Platform

Keynote (11:00 am)

11:00 Leo Laporte — Keynote — “The State of Podcasting and New Media Today”

Producing Your Podcast (11:30 am – 1:30 pm)

11:30 * Alex Lindsay, Mac Break Weekly — Video Podcasting Secrets, Tips, and Tricks
12:00 * Richard Burns & Dusty Wright, CultureCatch — Video Production Essentials
12:30 * Scott Bourne, The Apple Phone Show — Selecting The Right Production Gear
1:00 * Don McAllister, Screencasting

Publishing & Promoting Your Podcast (1:30 pm – 4:00 pm)

1:30 * Liana Lehua — Going Beyond iTunes and Promoting Your Podcast on Blogs and Social Networks
2:00 * Paul Vogelzang, MommyCast/Porter-Novelli — Using Viral Distribution Techniques to Get Heard
2:30 * Richard Harrington, RHED Pixel — Creating an Appealing Brand Identity for Your Podcast
3:00 * Tim Street, French Maid TV — Marketing Your Podcast
3:30 * Neil Vineberg, Vineberg Communications — How to Spread the Word About Your Podcast

Super Serving Sponsors (and making money) with Your Podcast (4:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

4:00 * Panel discussion — Ad Networks vs. Sponsorships:
– Lee Gibbons, Co-Founder/CEO, Podango (Moderator)
– Jonathan Cobb, Founder/CEO, Kiptronic
– Doug Smith, Co-Founder/President, Podango
– Mark McCrery, Co-Founder/CEO, Podtrac

4:30 * Richard Harrington, RHED Pixel — Selling Podcasting and New Media as a Service,

5:00 * Conclusion

MacWorld and Symposium conference passes are available online.

For more information on the Podcast and Rich Media Symposium, click here.

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