Podcast Previews NFL Playoff Games

Jan 12th, 2008 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, General

NFL FootballHere at Podcasting News, we’ve been so preoccupied with local politics (the Iowa Caucuses were last week), and then recovering from same, that we only noticed recently that the weekend is filled with National Football League playoff games.

Who knew that Jacksonville had a professional football team? Not me! But apparently they are playing the perennial playoff contender New England Patriots Saturday evening. Seattle Seahawks are playing a snowy game against Green Bay. Indianapolis Colts meet San Diego, and the New York Giants compete against the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s enough to make even the least enlightened viewer (um, me) feel like staying in and gorging on game-watching. And maybe some game snackage.

Fortunately, there are plenty of NFL podcasts to help the football-challenged:

The remaining teams’ podcasts are here:

Let me know who you think the contenders are going to be for next month’s Super Bowl in the comments.

And no, the GoDaddy girl doesn’t count.

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  1. Podcastmama says:

    I am going to say the Colts, because I seem to remember that they’ve won (but was it a playoff or a Super Bowl?) sometime in the past few years. Yeah, I know I’m a poor excuse for an American; I don’t know much about what’s happened in NFL football since about 1986. That’s pretty lame.

  2. Ed Roberts says:

    Of course… you can’t forget about Mrs. B’s Patriot World Podcast (http://PatriotWorldPodcast.com)

  3. info says:


    You’re right – thanks for mentioning it!

  4. Jack Roken says:

    I say the Giants…

    Jack Roken

  5. bob says:

    hit that guy

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