Save Windows XP & Win Lousy Prizes!

Jan 14th, 2008 | By | Category: General, Video

Ever since Windows Vista came out and was pretty universally panned, Windows users have been worrying about upgrading.

Infoworld is doing what it can to help, though, by sponsoring a Save Windows XP video contest:

InfoWorld encourages you to contribute your own videos on why XP should be saved. (Although our plea is serious, why not have some fun at the same time, right?) To help meet the goal of spreading the word about the “Save XP” petition effort, we do ask that each video show the URL.

We’ll post the best entries in our site’s video library through June 30, but if you get yours in by May 15 and we deem it one of the top three submissions we receive, we‚Äôll give you a Windows XP upgrade license. Videos must be in Flash, QuickTime, or AVI formats, at 320-by-240-pixel size.

Yes – it’s a pretty lame contest as user-generated video contests go. Make the best promo video in the world for InfoWorld’s SaveXP site, and they’ll give you an XP upgrade.

How about a copy of Leopard, instead? Might get some entries then!

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