VideoEgg Extends Video Ad Network To imeem, Metacafe & Buzznet

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VideoEgg, a video advertising network for online communities, today announced three new partnerships to expand its distribution of invitation-based video advertising. VideoEgg‚Äôs partnership with imeem, Metacafe, and Buzznet increases the ad network’s reach by more than 50 million unique users.‚ÄúThese sites are the new MTV‚Äôs,‚Äù said Matt Sanchez, CEO of VideoEgg. ‚ÄúBrands need to find innovative ways to get video in front of young consumers who are not sitting in front of the television. imeem, Metacafe and Buzznet are influential media brands with great momentum, and we are delighted to be partnering with them to deliver rich media advertising to their users in a respectful manner.‚Äù

The partnerships are made possible by enhancements to VideoEgg’s Eggnetwork Advertising Platform (EAP), which now allows deployment of video advertising in any Flash environment. With EAP for Video, high-quality publishers can easily integrate VideoEgg’s invitation-based video advertising into their existing video platform—enabling sites to earn revenue by delivering unique in-video ads to their community. The partnerships extend VideoEgg’s reach into high quality, youth oriented content.

“We’re committed to delivering an exceptional entertainment experience, cultivating a vibrant community of independent producers, and building Metacafe into a global media company focused on short-form video,” said Erick Hachenburg, chief executive officer of Metacafe. “Incorporating in-video advertising from VideoEgg helps us meet each of these objectives.”

VideoEgg taps today’s rich social networking data to intelligently aggregate appropriate audiences for advertisers. Targeting tools make it easy for advertisers to identify and interact with relevant consumers, while the company’s philosophy of respect for the community yields a more engaged user. This combination builds a relationship between brand and consumer that is unmatched today.

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