Steve Jobs Is Killing Off The DVD

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CNBC has an interesting interview with Steve Jobs, in which he confirms our take away from his MacWorld announcements: Apple is killing off the DVD:

Don’t underestimate the power of the new iTunes movie rental service either. I asked Jobs whether this meant the format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD was over, with Apple the big winner. Clearly, he said, Blu-ray won, but in the new world order of instant online movie rentals, in HD, no one will care about what format is where.¬† Funny how fast tech can move.

Signing all the major studios is no small feat either.¬† Warner Bros., Universal, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount — they’ve all jumped on board iTunes.¬† Substantially all of Hollywood.¬† AppleTV, take two, has a real shot.¬† The power of technology.¬† The power of Apple and Steve Jobs.

Jobs also offered some his opinion of the state of the Zune:

I told Jobs that I had sat down with Microsoft’s Robbie Bach last week at the Consumer Electronics Show.¬† I mentioned that Bach was particularly optimistic about the new Zune, that it was now a worthy alternative to Apple’s iPod.

Asked Jobs:¬† “Was he inebriated?¬† Do you even know anyone who owns a Zune?”

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  1. Ed Roberts says:

    Way to go! The previous article was one of the most insightful “reading between the lines” posts I’ve seen in a while. Great to see that you nailed it.

  2. info says:


    Thanks for the feedback. It will be interesting to see how hard Apple pushes this agenda.

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