PodShow Podcasting Network Grew 29144% in 2007…Without Porn

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According to the analysts at Compete, the Podshow podcasting network is one of the top five movers and shakers of 2007.

Here’s what PodShow’s Adam Curry has to say about the news:

This is a report I‚Äôm extremely proud to post about. According to Compete.com PodShow grew 29144% in 2007, making us the third fastest growing site, sans pr0n content even 🙂

Congratulations to the independent producers who are our partners in this success.

There are a lot of reasons why PodShow is growing – but the biggest is that they’ve done a good job of getting talented, attractive video podcasters that create content that’s of interest to a broad audience.

Compete also notes that there’s a larger trend at work here:

Among the fastest growing sites, eighteen of the twenty offer a prominent peer-to-peer communication platform. Even in the adult video category, sites that function almost identically to YouTube (redtube.com and youporn.com) represent the fastest growing.

The numbers attest to the efforts of PodShow and all the talented podcasters that are making this type of growth possible!

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  1. Duncan says:

    The figures are false, and its bizarre of Curry to celebrate it. TechCrunch was on that list at over 3000%, lop a 0 off and you’d get closer to the truth. Compete’s figures are simply rubbish, and I’m surprised you didn’t call them out on it.

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  6. Cal Curtis says:

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  7. info says:


    You have to take the Compete numbers in the context of what they are – estimates based on the activity of 2 million internet users that have knowingly or unknowingly agreed to having their web activity monitored. This sort of info is interesting for looking at overall trends, but you can’t trust the absolute numbers.

    Also, any visit/month stat is going to be dependent on the assumptions you make about what counts as a visit – ie., does it include requests for RSS feeds or enclosures?

    Compete numbers tend to be skewed towards poor people with slower Internet connections, not first adopters. They apply some weighting formulas to try and compensate for this.

    With that in mind – their numbers suggest that sites like TechCrunch & PodShow grew their visits/month tremendously with the Compete audience. These sites, and the others Compete calls, out are moving beyond the first adopting audience to include a larger general audience, which accounts for the big leap in Compete’s estimates.

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