Listen To Your iPod The Austin Powers Way

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Amazing iPod Bed

Alberto Frias Transport “perceptual pod” isn’t like other iPod accessories:

  • The Transport is a $16,000 composite fiberglass waterbed pod;
  • It is handmade & numbered for authenticity;
  • It has a built-in full-spectrum LED lighting system;
  • It has a remote control so that you can control the built-in sound system and lighting effects; and, best of all…
  • The Transport offers “a sensual light, sound and space environment.”

Austin PowersIn other words – it’s an Austin Powers iPod Space Womb.

Yeah, Baby!

The Transport is a hand-made composite fiber-glass pod containing a waterbed, LED lighting system, and a stereo system, with speakers by Anthony Gallo. The inside has a matte white finish, while the outside is shiny iPod white.

I you’ve got $16k to drop on an iPod space bed – check out the PDF brochure here.

And if you’re looking for something a little classier and have money to burn, don’t forget the $50,000 iPod bed that promises to be better than sex.

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  1. Jack Roken says:

    Worth every penny!

    Jack Roken

  2. Final Taxi says:

    Grooooovy, baby!

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