Taking Stock In Podcasting

Jan 31st, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasting Services

WizzardWizzard, the podcasting network that recently announced it had served up over a billion podcasts in 2007, announced today that its common shares have been approved for listing on the American Stock Exchange (“AMEX”).

Wizzard is tentatively scheduled to begin trading during the week of February 4th, 2008. The company will be traded under the ticker symbol “WZE”. Previously, the company traded as “WIZD” on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.

“We’re very excited to have finally reached such a tremendous milestone for our company and shareholders,” said Chris Spencer, Wizzard CEO. “We expect Wizzard’s shareholders to benefit from the increased trading liquidity and investor visibility that comes with trading on the AMEX.”

The AMEX listing approval is contingent on the Company being in compliance with all applicable listing requirements on the date that it begins trading.

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  1. Notorious says:

    Served one billion? I don’t believes these numbers- have any of you ever heard of Wizard? Visiting Wizards website looks like they lack direction- looks to me like they are over the map with various products and services….

  2. Eric says:

    They should have linked to this website: http://www.wizzard.tv/ Heard of any of those shows? I’m sure you must have.

    Wizzard owns LibSyn and Switchpod (podcast-centric hosting services), and is a heavy video podcast promoter and investor, among other things. They’ve got a diversified product range, which is needed for a pioneer in the Web 2.0 marketplace.


  3. James Lewin says:


    You may want to read up on Wizzard, then.

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