Raw Voice Launches PodcastFAQ Site

Feb 6th, 2008 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, How to Podcast, Podcast Directory Sites

podcastfaq.jpgRawVoice announced on Tuesday the launch of PodcastFAQ.com, a site that offers, in their words, current and prospective podcasters “comprehensive insight into the field.”

The new site includes history, technology, industry trends and a portal to several online communities and directories. The site also offers a glossary of podcast terminology, support and instruction on how to create a podcast.

“Having gone to conferences, meetups and workshops and sharing the information we’d learned [over the last several years], we realized that we needed to get this stuff out of our heads and make it available to not only the community but the world,” explains Todd Cochrane, CEO and co-founder of RawVoice.

RawVoice’s new PodcastFAQ site will join the media company’s other new media communities, Blubrry.com, Podcasternews.com and TechPodcasts.com, which are powered by the RawVoice Generator platform.

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  1. Steve Jobs says:

    This is a marketing site trying to disguise itself as a neutral resource for podcasters. It must be a slow news week for you guys to put this up. Disappointing.

  2. Todd Cochrane says:

    The site is brand agnostic and we are adding content from contributors daily. There is no advertising on the site and we have been very careful to not add content that is commercial in nature. Your assertion is unfounded.

  3. […] However, if you tend to be easily confused with so many information and tutorials that are available to you, I recommend one site that can present the things you need to know about podcasting: the PodcastFaq.¬† This is relatively a new resource website about podcasting and in my own opinion, the site is beneficial to any podcasting novice. […]

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