PodCamp Midwest: Podcasting Like a Pro

Feb 16th, 2008 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, General, Podcasting Events

bradygoodman.jpgWhile Rob Walch gave a Podcasting 101 session in the big auditorium, at today’s PodCamp Midwest, Brady Goodman (right) presented a session for more seasoned podcasters, “Podcasting Like a Pro.”

He has a longtime background in radio, and decided he’d learn about podcasting, and poker, by creating the “Ante Up” podcast three years ago. It did well and got attention from professional poker players as well as mainstream media. Here’s an unedited nearly-liveblog of the session:
“Whether you’re a podcaster or the BBC, to a listener, the storefront looks the same.”

“Content is key – when you’re doing your podcast, know what you’re going to talk about, you can’t be over-prepared. Feedburner has about 200,000 podcasts, you have to have good stuff to talk about. Be focused.

“Equipment – you can be as fancy or as simple as you want. All you need, at minimum, is the gear that comes with your computer But if you want to sound like a pro, you need to process your audio (either when you create, or after when you edit). You can get a processor for like $80 at Guitar Center.

“For microphones, higher end ones are often XLR, which your computer doesn’t have a jack for. You can get an “mbox” which has xlr inputs and a firewire output to connect to your computer. And that comes with ProTools, which is fantastic.

“You can do interviews – if content is key, having other people talk about their expertise is great, but you’ll need equipment to record phone conversations. One pc of eqip is THAT2, which takes a telephone signal and records it.

“Recording software: Audacity is free, and there are many forums online to learn and talk about editing. ProTools is great editing software.

“Some websites let you create podcasts remotely, like BlogTalkRadio. Skype is an internet phone program you can use for making and recording (with another program) calls. LibSyn is another good place to look for hosting and publishing your podcast.

“Be prepared, don’t waste time with intros if you don’t have to have them.

“Production quality: if your content is good, you want to sound even better. Use music beds, check out CC for good free music. Add interviews, process your audio, normalize it, don’t freak me out with an extra loud noise. Use relevant sound effects and background noise, *if* it’s relevant to the content. As you grow your audience, include them and their input/feedback on the podcast. That will encourage more listeners to also contribute and interact. Consider adding a voicemail system so listeners can leave you a message – which you can add to our podcast.

“Making money with your podcast: sell podcast sponsorships. You don’t have to get a bunch of money outof your podcast, but it’d be nice to pay for your cool new microphone. Trade promos and ads with other podcasters to get more listeners. Offer your podcast as a feature on other websites that are related to your content. PodTrac.com is a big website for podcast advertising.

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  1. DailySplice says:

    These are helpful tips. Any tips on where to record? Do you need a studio, or is there a good type/size of room?

  2. Rat says:

    I signed up to go to podcamp midwest. After reading a couple of summaries of the sessions, I’m kinda glad I decided to skip it. Other than meeting other podcasters from here in my area, I’m not sure I would have gotten any use out of it.

  3. James Lewin says:


    You need to try one of these events in the future. The biggest benefit from any conference is almost always the connections that you make in the hallways, at lunch or getting a drink at the end of the day.

    If you never go, you’ll never make these connections.

  4. I would expect podcamp midwest to jump by leaps and bounds in the next couple of years.
    As far as a studio goes, google “porta-booth” for a great idea. I would put “building a studio” after “good mic” and “quailty production” on your list.
    Best of luck.

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