Making Your Own Media = Power

Feb 22nd, 2008 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Citizen Media

PBS’s MediaShift has published an interesting article by Benjamin Melan√ßon that looks at how Internet media equates to power for non-profit organizations:

Nonprofits are not setting their sights high enough.

Justice-seeking not-for-profit organizations, and all people who are working for change, need to change the environment in which we do our work if we are to be truly effective with our most important projects.

Nonprofits need to form their own media.

These organizations, their supporters, and their constituencies form a critical mass of people and passions.  We are not yet bonded together by much more than working for below-market financial reward (as workers and volunteers), receiving a lot of the same begging mail (as donors), or getting  regular benefit from the kindness of strangers (as constituents, which includes all of us who appreciate common goods like the environment).  We, the actively involved of all these overlapping groups, need to communicate with one another and collaborate on communicating to and with the whole population.

Nonprofits can be key stakeholders in developing and supporting a journalism infused with the direct connecting potential of today’s technology, a journalism that transforms society local community by local community.

Cheap webspace, free software like WordPress and inexpensive digital gear has pushed the cost of creating Internet media down to where it’s within reach of any organization.

One example of the power this gives you access to is the reaction the Humane Society got from its downed cow video. The Internet video resulted in the recall of 143 millions pounds of meat – the largest recall in history.

Much of the attention in podcasting and new media has moved to “monetizing” content. Don’t lose site of the fact that new media also can equal an amazing amount of power.

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