Adam Curry On PodShow + LimeLight

Mar 1st, 2008 | By | Category: General, Podcasting Networks, Podcasting Services

Content delivery network Limelight’s legal problems won’t affect PodShow, says PodShow founder and podcasting pioneer Adam Curry:

We have spoken with LimeLight management and they have assured us they will not go ‘dark’. They have been a good partner to us, we trust them and stand by their word and their excellent service.

As with any well planned media infrastructure, PodShow’s platform is completely CDN agnostic. We can use any CDN without any interruption to our service and I would presume most companies that use a CDN for delivery would never allow themselves to be locked in to any one provider for any type of service.

In my personal opinion this story is being overhyped in the ‘twitter-verse’. These things usually end up in some form of settlement long before there’s any danger of ‘darkness’

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