FastCompany TV Goes Live Today With Scoble

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fastcompany.jpgRobert Scoble left PodTech in mid-January to work for business magazine FastCompany. His new videoblogging gig, FastCompany TV, launched today. In his welcome video, Scoble lolls around on the beach in a seaside frolic (not kidding), and explains the company’s initial two video channels.

FastCompany Live, the more immediately interactive of the channels, will feature video shot with a little Nokia N95 cell phone/camera and Viewers can watch the broadcast live and post comments, which show up on the screen. As one might expect, the quality of these live videos is, as Scoble puts it, “intimate, but brutal to watch,” jerky and blurry. Viewers are invited to submit their own videos and video responses.

The second channel is ScobleizerTV, more polished interviews and profiles of technology and business innovators. These will be shot with HD cameras, decent microphones and lighting. One of the more interesting things (for me) about this channel is Senior Producer Rocky Barbanica, who is described as a guy who “Used to be a software developer at NASA before going to film school,” who is putting together the production and media team at FastCompany.TV.

The jury here is still out on what we think about FastCompanyTV. The FastCompany Live content (like a test-drive of the experimental $98,000 Tesla electric sportscar) is compelling, but the quality of the sound and image are awful. The Scobleizer channel has some interesting upcoming interviews. We are cautiously optimistic that, as Scoble (and, in two weeks, “Naked Conversations” coauthor Shel Israel) make the foray into Fast Company’s more mainstream business publishing, they’ll keep talking to, and listening to, innovators both in and outside the corporate fishbowl.

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  1. Georg says:

    Seems to me like FastCompany Live is sort of like the video equivalent of a Twitter post.

    It’s not edited or polished – it’s just getting something out there.

  2. taniaelis says:

    Scoble’s been coasting on the former-Microsoft blogger thing way too long. Not sure what Fast Company is thinking.

  3. Senior Producer says:

    I interviewed with Podtech for contract work and this guy Rocky can barely run a camera. I took one look at Scoble and Rocky and never interviewed with them again. Fastcompany better make some changes fast. Like get some real talent.

  4. My eyes!!!! says:

    Infotainment. Slightly better than watching late-night, get rich on foreclosure schemes.

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