Five Free iPhone Music Apps

Mar 3rd, 2008 | By | Category: General

iPhones are great for listening to music – you can rip and copy over your CDs, you can get music off of iTunes and you can subscribe to one of the many free music podcasts.

But iPhones aren’t just for listening to music. There’s a growing number of applications for jailbroken iPhones that let you create music.

Five Free iPhone Music Applications

MooCowMusic Drummer is a virtual drum pad for the iPhone:

Drummer can also be used with a custom sample set:

MooCowMusic’s Piano, formerly called iAno, can be used as a virtual piano or synth:

If you’re a guitarist, you might want to check out PocketGuitar for iPhone.

For something a little different, you can check out Gangsa a virtual Balinese gamelan for your iPhone:

If you’d rather do something a little more cutting-edge and experimental with your iPhone, you’ll want to check out Masayuki Akamatsu’s Chaotic Audio Oscillator for iPhone. Not only does it let you create “beautiful noise” – like the sound of a broken audio oscillator – but it is buggy and freezes your iPhone:

If you’re interested in what musicians are doing with iPhones, you’ll also want to check out iBand – a group that makes music solely on iPhones and iPod touch.

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  1. phattfoniks says:

    thanks for this dude..

  2. am says:

    yeah! these are toys… nothing more serious available?

  3. a says:

    waste of time….

  4. June says:

    *OMG* Gangsa!! I can’t believe my friend and I can practice our gamelan patterns together while we’re just
    sitting around waiting for something. You can even damp the bars. Perfect.

    I wish they had a version both in pelog and slendro. Still, amazing. Thanks!!!

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