BlogTalkRadio Updates Mobile Podcasting Solution To Remove Privacy Concerns

Mar 5th, 2008 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, iPhone, Mobile Podcasting

Blog Talk Radio

BlogTalkRadio today announced that it has updated its Cinch mobile podcasting service to let you use a custom podcast feed URL. Previously, your podcast feed URL was automatically set to your mobile phone number.

When the service was introduced, we questioned the decision to embed your phone number in the feed url:

I question a service that makes it easy to do something dangerous.

BlogTalkRadio’s service uses your phone number as the URL of your podcast feed, and embeds your phone number in the feed in several ways: Cinch is a voice to RSS service provided by BlogTalkRadio. To use this service simply call (646) 200-0000, record your message, hang up and subscribe to

By using this service, you’re not just advertising your phone number to the world, you’re doing it in a way that makes it easy for automated crawlers, spammers and Internet creeps to find.

This was a concern for a lot of people.

At the time, BlogTalkRadio’s Kris Smith let us know that customized RSS feed URLs would soon be available.¬† They’ve followed through quickly on their promise.

Creating a custom feed URL is a matter of visiting the site and providing:

  • your phone number
  • your preferred feed URL and
  • your email address

With the changes, Cinch deserves another look.

If you’re interested in a service that makes creating a podcast via your cell phone a no-brainer, you’ll want to check out BlogTalkRadio’s Cinch.

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