Twitter In Plain English

Mar 6th, 2008 | By | Category: General, Video Podcasts

A lot of people have trouble explaining Twitter.

The people at Common Craft, a series of short explanatory videos, do the job with Twitter in Plain English.

Favorite line: “Real life happens between blog posts and emails.”

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  1. […] I still don’t quite get Twitter but you can follow my posts (or “tweets”) to see if I’m improving. The folks at Common Craft have tried to explain it with Twitter in Plain English. They make it a bit more understandable. It’s something for people who’s entire life is online. [Thanks to Podcasting News for the vid.] […]

  2. Melanie Reed says:

    Twitter is a 3 sentence, 140 character notification. It’s a personal update. It’s an inspirational church marquee, It’s a thought for the day. It’s a haiku. It’s an emergency notification system. It’s a ‘what’s up’. It’s the Crack in Scotland and the craic in Ireland. It’s one computer ‘bird’ calling from one part of the world to another. It’s a “How are you? I’m fine.” conversation. That’s Twitter, the premier microblog technology.

  3. […] This video (found via Podcasting News) from Common Craft explains Twitter about as well as I’ve heard: […]

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