Does Hot Sex Really Beat Dancing?

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Hot hot sex scandal on YouTube
A scandal has broken out over the fact that the most-viewed video of all time on YouTube, Evolution of Dance, has been beaten by a fan video for the song Music is My Hot Hot Sex.

A lot of people are crying foul – not just because the Hot Hot Sex video is so bad, but because YouTube’s stats suggest that many of the video’s views may have been generated by spambots.

Does Hot Hot Sex Really Belong On Top? did the stats rundown.

“There’s still a possibility that this torrent of traffic is coming from a legitimate external source, but it seems increasingly unlikely,” they concluded. “It’s either a bug or some form of cheating.”

ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick has a different view, suggesting that the clip is “a defining video for the current era online – the heady days and American flavored story of “well, golly look at that” user generated content are over.”

While Kirkpatrick acknowledges suspicions around the video’s ranking, he suggests that globalization may be a factor in the Hot Hot Sex video’s popularity.

“YouTube now gets a majority of its viewer ship from outside the U.S. so it only makes sense that the #1 video of all time isn’t from the U.S. There are now three of the 20 all time most viewed videos on YouTube with non-English titles,” notes Kirkpatrick. “Non-native English speakers and other languages are an essential part of US culture and English titled videos are of course viewed substantially outside of the US – but the growing internationalization of the site can’t help but increase the prominence of non-English videos. The victory of Hot Hot Sex is a strong signal of the global reach of YouTube.”

Jackson West at NewTeeVee offers a more skeptical take:

“After Andy Baio called ‘bulls**t’ on CANSEI DE DER SEX Music is My Hot Hot Sex, there‚Äôs been renewed interest in stats-gaming on YouTube,” notes Jackson. “The video is still online at 91,195,785 views and counting, but it‚Äôs no longer listed as the most viewed all time”

Is Google The Real Culprit Behind The YouTube Sex Scandal?

While these explanations are all plausible, there’s another, simpler explanation: Google may be responsible for the success of Hot Hot Sex.

Check out what Google brings up for “hot sex”:

Hot Sex Video at Google

If you’re at the top of number one search engine Google for “hot sex”, you’re going to get a hell of a lot of traffic.

Does Hot Hot Sex really beat The Evolution of Dance? I’m skeptical.

Videos after the jump. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Music is my Hot Hot Sex

Evolution of Dance

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