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Jeff Bridges in The Big LebowskiA story in the Muncie, Indiana Star Press serves as a reminder that there’s more to podcasting than “monetization”:

When Ben Ranfeld, Liz Ranfeld and Paul VanDemark decided early last year to start a podcast centered solely on one topic - the movie The Big Lebowski – they figured they faced one major problem.

“We didn’t really think anybody would listen to it,” said Ben, 26, who is a technical staff employee at Taylor University, his alma mater.

Turns out, they were wrong.

“We get e-mails from all over the world,” he continued, citing The Big Lebowski fans from Israel and Germany as being among the 2,500 listeners who download their program every month.

“I think the reason is, it’s such a multi-faceted film,” said Paul, a 22-year-old TU student.

Or maybe it’s Autobahn – the band of German nihilists. Or Mrs. Lebowski, aka Bunny. Or Jesus.
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