PrimeTimeRewind.TV Launches

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Prime Time Rewind TV

Entrepreneur, podcaster and blogger Jeff Pulver has announced that his latest venture,, is now live.

The site is intended to be a sort of TV Guide for Internet television, with a social media twist.

“We would like to put you one-click away from watching your show,” according to Pulver.

“Prime Time Rewind also allows you to present you personalized Facet. It can consist of existing prime time TV shows, Internet only shows or any RSS feed of videos you would like to include.”

The site presents links to current TV show episodes on the faces of a cube.

When I checked out the site earlier in the year, I said that Prime Time Rewind set Web design back 10 years, and that the site “takes you on a hyperlinked virtual reality journey into cyberspace, the likes we haven‚Äôt seen since around 1998.”

Maybe that sounds a bit harsh, but a text-based interface would be dramatically easier to use than the site’s current Flash-based one.

Pulver says they are working on a variety of updates to the site:

A couple of words on what we are working on next (other than fixing bugs, improving usability, etc. )

1) Twitter Integration (ability to send out twits when new episodes are available etc.)
2) RSS feeds (various feeds, for users, for shows, etc.)
3) more social features
4) better recommendations

Pulver’s concept for the site is great, and it sounds like they have great ideas for the future of the site. The site is dead in the water, though, until they address the site’s usability issues.

Update: TechCrunch has a more favorable take on the site, calling it a step in the right direction.
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