Seesmic Buys Twitter Client Twhirl

Apr 4th, 2008 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Microblogging, Video, Vlogs

Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur, who’s got to be the A-1 top of the food chain numero uno most charismatic French new media entrepreneur ever, announced today that his company had acquired Twhirl, a Twitter client.

Not just any Twitter client, though – le plus grand Twitter client.

Seesmic is a video blogging and conversation platform that makes posting videos so trivial that it becomes practical for informal video conversations. Twitter, similarly, trivializes the process of Web content creation.

Twhirl is a client that may help bring these worlds, along with others, together in interesting ways.

Le Meur offers twenty reasons for integrating Twhirl with Seesmic:

  1. Staying in touch with your friends using microblogging is much easier using a client than through your browser
  2. Thwirl is the #1 and coolest Twitter client with more than 100,000 downloads and 7% of all tweets posted per day
  3. Thousands of new users download Twhirl daily
  4. Twhirl works on Mac AND PC, soon on Linux too
  5. Twhirl lets you easily use all the advanced messaging options of Twitter (replies, direct messages)
  6. Twhirl added very cool features such as search and url shortening in a second
  7. Twhirl allows you to have multiple Twitter accounts opened simultaneously
  8. Twhirl not only posts on Twitter but also on Pownce and Jaiku, with more services coming soon
  9. Seesmic and Twhirl have been created exactly the same way, by listening to their communities and adding new features according to their popularity
  10. Twhirl has amazing feedback from its users and press coverage: Thwirl was just on Fox News
  11. We got in touch entirely through using Twitter and Twhirl… how cool is that? Okay, we also used Skype a bit to close the deal
  12. Most of Seesmic team and investors constantly use Twhirl, made things easy!
  13. Marco was already in the process of adding Seesmic support to Twhirl. That is how we got together and thought about him joining in, not the other way round
  14. Adding video to Twhirl will be a plus to the Twhirl community. It will remain optional — we won’t break it!
  15. Twhirl is free and will remain free
  16. Marco has the same international vision, already supporting english, german, spanish and italian (hey where is french!)
  17. With Twhirl being based in Germany, Seesmic now has a presence there which will help with the erman version and community
  18. Marco will have more means to improve Twhirl as he will join Seesmic full-time and will be able to utilize the Seesmic’s support and infrastructure
  19. We are only at the beginning of microblogging, the space is very exciting and new
  20. Marco Kaiser is super cool and it is all about people

Seesmic is in a very interesting position.

It’s got a unique service in a sweet spot of a lot of trends in technology. Internet video is exploding, mobile content creation and consumption is up and social networking is getting more and more powerful.

Twhirl should help Seesmic users deal with all of these trends.

Update: Marshall Kirkpatrick offers his take on the deal at RRW.

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  1. Bonnie J. says:

    Seesmic and Twitter are not “new media”. They’re old media with fancy new names. Online video and chatting online are new? Not since about 10-25 years ago.
    Microblogging….. Yawn. No wonder everyone has ADD.

  2. taniaelis says:


    What’s new is that everyone can now be a media publisher very easily.

  3. julien says:

    huh, interesting. i just read this list elsewhere (Mashable probably?) but they didn’t disclose that the list was written by Le Meur. thanks for clearing that up.

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