flickr Wants To Be The New YouTube

Apr 8th, 2008 | By | Category: Streaming Video, Video

Video on flickr just got official – at least if you consider an announcement by puppets to be official.

The service is limited to pro accounts and videos are limited in length to 90 seconds. Here’s what flickr has to say about the 90 second limit:

Video on Flickr grew out of the idea of “long photos” and as such, we’ve implemented what might seem like an arbitrary limit of playing back the first 90 seconds of a video. 90 seconds?

We’re not trying to limit your artistic freedom, we’re trying something new. Everyone has endured that wedding video, where even the bride will fast-forward to the “good bit.” In fact, even Tara at FlickrHQ hasn’t made it past the first 90 seconds of her own wedding video.

It’s hard to say who this is targeting; it looks like flickr may be getting their feet wet before doing a larger roll-out that is more competitive.

What do you think? Are you going to use flickr video?

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  1. Podcastmama says:

    I read that flickr only allows 90 second videos, but up to 150 MB? That’s one hefty little video clip.

  2. Micah says:

    I would use it if it wasn’t for the 90 second limit.

    I’m guessing that it’s a soft rollout that will remove limitations or increase the limits once they see how it goes.

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  4. Scott says:

    This seems to be for people who like to shoot quick videos on their digital cameras.

  5. taniaelis says:

    When I sync my camera, the videos show up mixed in with the photos in iPhoto.

    This seems like the online version of what iPhoto is doing.

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