Adam Curry’s Podcasting Setup

Apr 28th, 2008 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, How to Podcast, Podcasting Hardware

Podcast pioneer and former MTV VJ Adam Curry shared this image of his podcasting setup on Flickr.

This is his rig for recording Daily Source Code. It shows how you can get a professional podcast from a relatively modest setup. (It helps to have Curry’s 20+ years of media experience, obviously!)

I spy what looks to be a Faderfox LC2, a Mac laptop running Ableton Live and a pair of Harmon Kardon Soundstick speakers. No sign of a mic.

See anything else?

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10 Responses to “Adam Curry’s Podcasting Setup”

  1. Steve Mullen says:

    If you look in the upper left of that picture, it looks like there might be a boom mic stand connected to the desk.

    Steve Mullen
    BizPodz Podcast Production

  2. Emon says:

    You can see the mic set-up on this picture from a different Flickr set.

  3. taniaelis says:

    Is he using some sort of USB mic, then?

  4. Steve Mullen says:

    I’m just wondering how he avoids an echo in that bigarsed room.

  5. arguillo says:

    He probably uses his mic very close to his mouth to minimize room sound.

    It can look obscene – but it works….

  6. Will Ross says:

    So THATS where he’s laying off all those employees from! Keen!

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  10. Shardesia says:

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