Podcasting Down Under

Apr 29th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasting Networks

The Sydney Morning Herald took a look at the Cult of Podcast Celebrity and profiled pioneering podcaster Cameron Reilly:

One Australian who is using podcasting to give himself – and his fellow podcasters – a voice is Cameron Reilly, who founded the Podcast Network – a stable of podcasts ranging from religion to martial arts.

“I made a decision that I was going to try and use the internet as a platform to try and make the world a better place,” Reilly says. “The very basis of human culture is communication and that’s all the internet is about – sharing information.”

His flagship podcast, Gday World, began in November 2004 and now has about 50,000 listeners.

“It started off as a technology news show but that got boring and these days I usually talk about religion, politics and social justice. Honestly, when I started I thought I’d get about half-a-dozen listeners who would hear me give the same rant as I do over a bottle of wine with dinner.”

The article profiles several other podcasters, too, including Leo Laporte & Beti Nic.

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