NYT On Amanda Congdon’s Reboot

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Former Rocketboom host Amanda Congdon gets profiled in the New York Times, and somehow the NYT doesn’t even cough up a link to her new video blog, Sometimes Daily.

“It’s weird,” says Congdon.

The Times article also seems fairly dismissive of everything that Congdon has done:

Ms. Congdon, 26, became the closest thing to an Internet sensation by hosting “Rocketboom,” one of the first Web video series to become a breakout hit. But since she departed the show in 2006, her attempts to go mainstream have largely fallen flat.

She signed a development deal with HBO, but nothing came of it. She joined ABC News to produce eccentric newscasts, but she clashed with the culture there and exited quietly last fall. And she established a production company but remained largely offline for months.

Now Ms. Congdon, feeling a little burned by big media, is back blogging and hosting and producing. Working with the independent production studio Media Rights Capital, she is reintroducing herself on “Sometimes Daily,” an irregular look at life through Ms. Congdon’s eyes.

While Congdon’s attempts to go mainstream may have dead-ended, this is probably as much of a failure of mainstream media as it is of Congdon.

Newspapers are tanking. Television is tanking.

If traditional media companies want to have a future, they need to figure out how to either create new Internet media celebrities or build on the successes of people like Congdon.

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  1. Leigh Hanlon says:

    Maybe viewers simply didn’t respond to what Congdon offered.

  2. Carrot Blog says:

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  3. Commenter says:

    And, this post doesn’t have a link to the Times article or to sometimesdaily either….it’s wierd.

  4. James Lewin says:

    Commenter – there’s links in the first sentence. let me know if they don’t show up correctly for you!

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