Want Fast Internet? Move To South Korea. Or At Least Delaware.

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If you want a fast Internet connection, South Korea is the place to be, according to content delivery network Akamai’s State of the Internet report. South Koreans are three times as likely as Americans to have broadband conections.

Based on Akamai’s Q1 2008 research, South Korea had the highest measured levels of “high broadband” (>5 Mbps) connectivity. In the United States, Delaware topped the list, with over 60% of connections occurring at 5 Mbps or greater.

At the other end of the bandwidth spectrum, Rwanda and the Solomon Islands topped the list of slowest countries, with 95% or more of the connections to Akamai from both countries occurring at below 256 Kbps.

In the United States, Washington State and Virginia turned in the highest percentages of sub-256 Kbps connections. However, in contrast to the international measurements, these states only saw 21% and 18% of connections below 256 Kbps respectively.

Other Highlights

During the first quarter, Akamai observed attack traffic originating from 125 unique countries around the world. China and the United States were the two largest attack traffic sources, accounting for some 30% of this traffic in total. Akamai observed attack traffic targeted at 23 unique network ports. Many of the ports that saw the highest levels of attack traffic were targeted by worms, viruses, and bots that spread across the Internet several years ago.

A number of major network “events” occurred during the first quarter that impacted millions of Internet users. Cable cuts in the Mediterranean Sea severed Internet connectivity between the Middle East and Europe, drastically slowing communications. Cogent’s de-peering of Telia impacted Internet communications for selected Internet users in the United States and Europe for a two-week period. A routing change by Pakistan Telecom that spread across the Internet essentially took YouTube, a popular Internet video sharing site, offline for several hours.

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5 Responses to “Want Fast Internet? Move To South Korea. Or At Least Delaware.”

  1. AllenA says:

    This is sort of pathetic for the US, don’t you think?

  2. Nate says:

    I lived in Korea for about a year and, yes, the Internet was super fast. My connection at home was fast, but the Internet and PC cafes they have on every corner are SUPER fast. As a result, most people do their gaming almost entirely online (software included online). Watching TV online or through your phone (even on the subway, nine floors down) was a big thing too.

    Google was a relatively uknown in Korea (other than recognizing it as a big American company). They prefer Naver, which is like a search engine and community (more like Yahoo!, but Yahoo! copies everything Naver does including Yahoo! Answers). They’re pretty patriotic so I doubt Google will ever get ins there.

  3. user says:

    Wow do we suck as a whole or what….

  4. LeftArrow says:

    If your wondering why just think of koreas size, its tiny as fuck compared to the us. For us to catch up to the smaller countries like korea and japan we would have to dump billions into infrastructure and the companies wont even get as much money per customer as they would in japan or korea since their population is so dense and they don’t have to stretch out their infrastructure

  5. 4.LeftArrowISadick says:

    LeftArrow You are a dick….

    why think of the size of the country not technologies they have lol

    its the wires installed under your ground…yeah you fuckers think of small country not US ppl Heads are full of dum shits. when US telecom company installed the wires under ground…CEO fucker goes “oh…well government not support us so lets install some shitty wires instead of some good fiber cables” and so dumb man i bet ya you like under 16 of some little shit….think of the distance from your place to brazil server…and s.korea to brazil server i bet you get less then korea does even if you live closer…idiotc…go fuck you self

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