News Flash: Twitter Doesn’t Die During Keynote!

Jun 10th, 2008 | By | Category: General, Microblogging

Yesterday’s Steve Jobs keynote was a bust: he announced what people already knew he was going to announce, but little more.

And the only real surprise was that Apple’s iPhone “price cut” was really a price hike, buried in your monthly AT&T bill.

The biggest surprise of the day turned out to be that Twitter actually stayed up. There was a healthy conversation going on throughout the keynote, and though I noticed some delays, it seemed to stay up for the duration.

“We made it,” notes Twitter:

It looks like we were spot-on with our estimate of ten times the normal traffic today. Our preparations held and Twitter stayed up.

Only one unexpected disruption occurred and that was a network problem in our data center which caused a few minutes of service disruption some time after Steve Jobs’ keynote. With that single disruption, our uptime during the event was 97.3%

Initially, we turned off some features to shed load as we announced yesterday but we were able to turn them back on during the keynote as Twitter handled the dramatic amount of traffic. About 4% of requests during this time did return the page that asks folks to wait a few minutes and try again. However, we learned a lot during this stress test and that will translate to better performance down the line.

While 97.3% uptime isn’t anything to brag about, if they can do that well during a Steve Jobs keynote, it bodes well for their overall uptime.

Or maybe Scoble just didn’t Twitter much.

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  1. Erin says:

    This is a bit off topic, but regarding that price cut/price hike for the iPhone: does anyone know if the monthly price increase applies to *all* iPhones? Or just the new version? I’m feeling increasingly sheepish for paying big bucks for the one I got last summer.

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