Cosmo’s Money-Saving Tip: Wholesale Music Piracy

Jun 18th, 2008 | By | Category: Digital Music, General

OT: Cosmo’s Bethany Heitman has a got a tip for Your Fabulous Life: you can save money on music through wholesale music piracy!

Heitman writes:

“Having new tunes is ideal, but shelling out the cash to buy said music hurts.

Call up friends, and ask them to burn you a CD of songs they think you’ll like. Tell them you’ll do the same. Once you swap, you can upload the CD onto your computer and add it to your MP3 player.”

Here’s a better money-saving tip: save money by not buying Cosmo.

Get all-you-can-eat free music from free music podcasts and from the zillions of musicians that are choosing to share their music freely on the Internet.

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7 Responses to “Cosmo’s Money-Saving Tip: Wholesale Music Piracy”

  1. Mike Wills says:

    That got past legal? I smell a lawsuit in the works…

  2. taniaelis says:

    How come it’s OK for tech geeks to argue that music should be free, but not Cosmo?

    Isn’t that sort of sexist?

  3. Leigh Hanlon says:

    This article leaves out the essential ingredient of any Cosmo article: How to have multiple orgasms.

  4. Jason says:

    I landed here because of a referral link from a media blogsite.

    This is quite irresponsible of a major magazine to suggest that a money saving tip is to illegally share music with friends. Sure, it happens all the time with a wink and a nod, but how can living “Your Fabulous Life” involve shamelessly advocated stealing?

  5. Ren L. says:

    Next they’ll tell us to share our drugs as well! Now that’s social networking.
    Now you’ve officially crossed over my personal line.

  6. […] Cosmo apparently supports music piracy! Or it is fair use? Thanks to Podcasting News for posting about this Cosmos suggestion of asking friends to burn you a CD of music you’ll like (and returning the favor) because “Having new tunes is ideal, but shelling out the cash to buy said music hurts.” The Podcasting News blog post does an interesting job of discussing this. I’m rather surprised that Cosmo would suggest this, when we all know the music industry has come down recently on people sharing music. However, we do have some fair use to our purchased music. […]

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t sharing between friends still legal? It’s the indiscriminate sharing over a wide audience where “anybody” can grab a copy that’s illegal. I’m still allowed to buy an album, book or movie and lend it to a friend.

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