Stupid Blog Meme Of The Day: The Japanese Hate iPhones

Jun 18th, 2008 | By | Category: iPhone

Some people are wondering about the prospects for the iPhone 3G – because 91% of Japanese reportedly will not buy an iPhone!

Tech-On reports:

“According to a survey by iSHARE, 91.0% of Japanese mobile phone users are not planning to purchase Apple Inc’s “iPhone” mobile phone.

This research was conducted in the wake of the announcement by SoftBank Mobile Corp that it will release the iPhone in Japan (See related article). Targeting Internet users aged primarily 20 to 49, iSHARE asked questions about their intention to purchase an iPhone, as well as other questions and received 402 responses over the Internet.”

Ars Technica says that this “doesn’t paint a great picture for the iPhone’s chances in Japan”, while Electronista says “the iPhone 3G isn’t likely to get an immediate footing in the country”.

Before you go selling your Apple stock, though, you may want to check this article from last year: iPhone Will Change Mobile Phone Industry.

In it, we noted that Apple wouldn’t have much trouble meeting its sales goals for the iPhone, because nearly one-in-ten respondents (9%) said they were likely to buy the iPhone.

We’ll let you do the math….but it looks like the iPhone will be as big of a hit in Japan as it has been here.

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  1. Amen! According to the study Apple will sell 8 million iPhones in Japan next year. That is a huge number. I can’t believe the negative spin!!!

  2. matt says:

    No offence, but they days of Japan being the being at the forefront of technological innovation are long gone. Phones in Japan are completely disposable and kids are constanly buying the latest “cool” thing, whether it’s good or not. They are in their own world when it comes to stuff like this and frankly the numbers involved would hardly worry the likes of Apple.

    Yes, I have lived and worked there.

  3. Rick says:

    Man, Idunno why people love iphones so much, i hate them with a passion.
    they dont do anything other phones already do.,

    okay so it plays MP3´s and MP4´s. WOOOWWWWW Windows mobile phones have played that and alot more formats than that since Windows mobile came out. Like .avi´s.

    So, it has a touch screen… WOOOOWW!!!!!!!, so do Pocket PC´s.

    It opens Office documents…… haha that one is stupid, office is a microsoft app (windows anyone?)

    it has a 2 MP camera……. Geeezzz, there are 5/8 MP cameraphones that are on the sam price range than the iPhone.

    Samsung Omnia is one of them.
    or maybe any HTC phone.

    iPhone is Over priced, it doesnt offer anything other phone offers. just an other example of stupid people goin with the flow of the world. spending money on usless objects

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