Goodnight Burbank’s Hayden Black On Creating An Internet TV Series

Jun 20th, 2008 | By | Category: How to Podcast, Internet TV, Video

Social media guru JD Lasica interviewed Hayden Black, the creator and star of the Internet video hits Goodnight Burbank and Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary, at the recent Digital Hollywood conference.

Black offers some background on his shows, but also touches on things anyone should consider when creating an Internet video series.

It seems that Hayden Black is on a roll these days: he also was profiled this week by Kara Swisher in the “All Things D” column of the Wall Street Journal.  In that interview, Black underlines the importance of pre-production development to help make a hit of your video series.

In a recent note to Podcasting News, Black listed off a number of recent profiles, articles, accolades and projects with which he’s involved:

“It’s been a great month for mainstream press coverage.  The London Times published a glowing review of Goodnight Burbank last week; Q Magazine (the UK Rolling Stone) also raved about GNB as did Channel 4, and there’s an upcoming feature in the LA Times.  GNB – which is about to launch on Hulu, the NBC/Fox site – was also nominated for a prestigious Webby for Best Online Comedy and both shows are entered to win Emmys.

We’re also going into co-production with a hollywood production company to do a brand new sci-fi comedy and set to do a UK TV pilot presentation for Goodnight Burbank (titled “Goodnight Salford”)!  All that and we’re now up on a bunch of mobile platforms.”

In his note to us, he also asks that people also enter the competition to win a set of iPod speakers “from Abigail,” the star of the “X-Rated Teen Diary” video podcast. You can enter here.

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