In Five Years, Internet Video Will Be Everywhere

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In five years, video will be everywhere, showing up on your phone, on Blade Runner-esque billboards, in your email and on your car’s GPS unit.

According to Forrester analyst James L. McQuivey, Ph.D., you’ll encounter “a dozen video platforms per day,” – what he calls an OmniVideo world. You’ll not only watch more video, but more of the video you watch will be viewed on-demand. 

Driving this will be multiple trends:

  • Video viewed on-demand will more than double.
  • The percent of video that is Internet video will more than triple.
  • The percent of video consumed on mobile devices will double.
  • The percent of video that is user-generated will jump from 2% to 10%

“When nearly every surface in your environment can display video, marketers will pay a pretty penny to show up at the bottom of a food bowl or in a bathroom mirror, where their product marketing message will be far more relevant than it is on a TV today.” notes McQuivey. “The only broker of this ad space in your home is you: We envision ad networks one day paying you for the right to aggregate your ad experiences.”

McQuivey predicts that, by 2012, you may spend your day:

  1. waking up to a video alarm clock;
  2. checking satellite weather videos on your mobile phone;
  3. watching traffic videos on your GPS unit while driving in to work;
  4. watching an ad for a Ford Edge on Gas TV while fueling up at a gas station;
  5. streaming MSNBC stock reports from your desktop at work;
  6. seeing a short address from your CEO in a meeting-room photo frame;
  7. watching a promo for American Gladiators in the back of a video-enabled taxi on the way to the airport;
  8. hearing Glenn Beck’s take on the elections while waiting at the airport gate;
  9. watching a clip from your daughter’s middle-school debut in Guys and Dolls that your spouse emailed as you board the plane;
  10. indulging in American Idol on the satellite TV on your JetBlue flight;
  11. checking in at your hotel through a video kiosk; and finally
  12. catching Iron Man in HD on the hotel room’s flat-screen TV.

In Forrester’s view, video “is about to explode, driving up total video viewing time from 4 hours per day to 5 hours by 2013.”

Image: M.V. Jantzen

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