Podcast Pioneer Dave Winer Intros Tech.newsjunk.com

Jul 5th, 2008 | By | Category: General

Dave Winer, who created the RSS standard on which podcasting is based, has introduced a new site, Tech.NewsJunk.com, that’s basically a news aggregator presented in river-of-news format.

Winer explains:

“I created the site because I wasn’t getting enough news about products. It’s that simple. I’m interested in the other stuff too, the finance, trends, parties, puppets — but that’s adequately covered on TechMeme. What wasn’t getting through is the stuff I, as a product developer, care the most about — news about products. And the interesting new products I’d find wouldn’t make it onto the bus. If it got bought by Google or Microsoft, that would likely show up on TM, or if a VC invested a lot of money in it. But I like to find out when things are small, before other people invest.”

TechJunk is a TechMeme competitor, but without the intelligent “clumping” and promotion that TechMeme offers.

Some users will like this, because it presents more of an unfiltered stream-of-conciousness view of the news. Whether you find it useful will largely depend on whether you consider TechMeme’s limitation, focusing attention on inane tech gossip, greater than its benefit, autotically bubbling up significant tech topics.

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