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Jul 14th, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

A Swarm Of Angels – an open source movie community – is looking for people to contribute images for their movie The Ravages:

We want to find an easy way for members to contribute to the content of the Swarm project at every stage. The easiest way we could think of for you to contribute visually was by uploading a photo of yourself.

Photographs will be used to illustrate “The Missing” – people who have disappeared during The Ravages (the climatic events that head a global meltdown) – as part of a fake propaganda trailer for the film project.

A Swarm Of Angels is trying to update “the current filmmaking models of Hollywood and independent film to create cult cinema for the digital age.”

Submission requirements

  • The photo must predominantly feature you. (It may include you and 1-2 others but they must give you consent for use by us)
  • We are looking for a variety, from formal portraits, to an informal snapshot (it can even be a younger version of yourself!)
  • No group shots.
  • No other constraints on style
  • Colour, black&white, nightvision shots are all fine.
  • You must of course have permission to use the photo and assign consent for use

More info at the A Swarm Of Angels site.

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