Control Your iPod or iPhone With Your Voice

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The DirectVoxx Muso is add-on for the iPod and iPhone that is designed to let you access your music with voice commands.

The Muso synchronizes with your iTunes library and can respond to commands like “Play me some Led Zeppelin”, “How about some Rolling Stones”, “Gimme jazz” or “Go to My Broadway Tunes playlist”.

The Muso is expected to be available in December for $159.

DirectVoxx Muso FAQ:

Why is this not just an application for the iPhone?

The iPhone does not allow programs to access the iPod portion of the iPhone. This may be allowed at a later date at which time we will provide this functionality.

Can I use the Muso in when my iPod is hooked to my car/home stereo?

Yes. Just use the headphone output from the muso and plug it into any audio system that accepts an iPod/iPhone input.

What if I have an accent?

The muso can understand an extremely wide variety of English accents. Non-English multilingual support is coming in 2009.

Will the Muso still work with backround noise?

The muso is designed to work with large amounts of mechanical and indsutrial background noise for use in the car, outside and any environment where machine or natural noise occurs.

Does it work for all iPod/iPhones and MP3 players?

The first version of the muso will work with the iPod nano only. We will be releasing a muso that will work for all iPods and iPhones (except the Shuffle)as soon as possible.

DirectVoxx via gizmodo

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  1. Mike Easter says:

    The Accenda Voice Control for iPod is now available. Samples are available now, and full production is in September. From the company’s website: TELL your iPod what to do… without lifting a finger! No set up is required! The tiny (1½”) lightweight ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL may be hung around your neck or clipped to your clothing and is powered by the iPod itself. It’s compatible with most iPod models. Check out

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