WebTrends Announces Video Analytics Solution

Jul 17th, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

WebTrends, one of the leading corporate Web analytics providers, has introduced a new video tracking service that is designed to uncover viewing patterns and trends across all major media formats.

Features of WebTrends video tracking:

  • Track visitor use across all major video formats, including Flash, FLEX and Microsoft Silverlight.
  • Track visitor use of Windows Media, Real Media, Apple Quicktime and embedded video files.
  • Connect visitor interactions with online video to the actions they take afterwards.
  • Follow daily viewing trends and statistics for all of their web videos.
  • Identify and optimize how and when audiences engage with online video.
  • Integrate insight about video use with other online data.
  • In conjunction with WebTrends Score, determine which types of interactions appeal to core audiences, as well as the relative value of visitors who view videos.

The new service is part of the companies WebTrends Analytics solution.

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  1. How about tracking some non-proprietary, open standards like MPEG4/H.264…
    If not, I guess that does not make any money for anyone…

  2. Deepu Thomas says:

    I am using WebTrends Analytics. How can i make use of this service ?

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