Who’s Going To Put Hulu On Your TV?

Jul 17th, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

There’s a great deal of buzzing today about a few Internet video news items:

  • Amazon is debuting a streaming video store. The service, Amazon Video on Demand, will offer about 40,000 streaming videos for customers to choose from.
  • TiVo is adding YouTube support. TiVo’s YouTube support was announced in March, and is available to broadband-connected subscribers with TiVo Series3 DVRs, including the TiVo HD, which retails for around $299.
  • Lionsgate has cut a revenue-sharing agreement with YouTube that will create a Lionsgate-branded channel, where advertising will be placed on clips of Lionsgate video clips, ranging from the “Saw” franchise to classics like “Dirty Dancing.” Lionsgate’s TV programming, including “Weeds,” is also a part of the deal.

These are all important deals, but, we’re waiting for the big deal – the deal that brings long-tail ad-supported Internet television to your television.

You don’t need a DVR, or even a video store, if there’s a warehouse of long-tail video available for free on the Internet, and that’s exactly what we see Hulu building.

If Microsoft could get Hulu on the XBox 360, or Apple could get it on Apple TV, it would change the world of Internet video. You’d have a huge library of free movies and television on demand, on your television. They could add a rental option, too; pay a small fee and the ads go away.

Apple’s done the best job of bringing social media video to the TV, but the company that snags free long tail Internet television and movies and brings them to your TV will leap to the head of the pack and become the iPod of Internet television.

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  1. Who’s going to put Hulu on my iPHONE, that’s the interesting question 🙂

  2. James Lewin says:


    I’m with you on that. AT&T may not be, though.

  3. You can also connect your comp to your tv with an dvi to hdmi cable. Then you can watch anything. http://www.outragedpotato.com/2008/09/streaming-netflix-and-hulu-straight-to.html

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