Free Windows DVD Ripper Formats Videos For Portable Media Players

Jul 21st, 2008 | By | Category: Video

If you’re a Windows user, and you need a DVD utility for ripping DVDs for your iPod, Zune, or other media player, check out DVD Catalyst Free.

It’s a free version of a commercial application, but it’s still fairly capable, converting DVD to iPhone, iPod, Zune, PocketPC, Palm, PSP and more devices. It can convert DVDs (movies and TV episodes), as well as all common video file formats (avi, mpeg, divx, xvid, mp4, mkv, flv (YouTube), etc) without the need of any additional software.

Free alternatives include Handbrake and Instant Handbrake.


  • One-Click DVD conversion
  • DVDs are automatically detected, just select your video player, and start the conversion.
  • Easy to use single-click interface.
  • Ejects DVD when finished.
  • No need to keep looking at the computer screen, Just wait untill the DVD pops out.
  • Works on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • No additional software required to perform conversions.
  • Adjustable video quality / filesize, Create higher quality files or smaller filesize.
  • Converts movie DVDs, TV episode DVDs as well as all common video files.
  • Multi-Core processor support for most conversion formats.
  • Dual-core as well as Quad-core. Ipod/iPhone/PSP and Zune (4/8/80) conversions utilize as many cores as you have to speed up conversions tremendously.
  • Language and Subtitle selection.
  • Easily select the desired audio language and/or subtitle text you want.
  • Automatic batch
  • Supports multiple DVD drives & multiple video files, you can queue up as many as you like, without having to start the conversion for each individual selection.

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