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Snagfilms, a new site that offers free online distribution of documentary films, is now live, offering instant streaming of movie like Super Size Me.

The site’s embed code takes you to the Snagfilms site, instead of letting you watch the film onsite. Snagfilms needs to get this fixed to work as a true embed.

At launch, more than 250 films are available for immediate streamed playback, requiring no software downloads, sign-ups or waiting, and an additional 200 films, already under contract, will be added by mid-August.

“There has never been a time when so many high-quality socially relevant documentary films have been made, yet even though tens of thousands of documentaries are submitted to film festivals every year, only a handful find theatrical distribution. SnagFilms was created so that anyone who has a website, publishes a blog, or participates in a social network can open an online multiplex theater, giving others an opportunity to watch one or more of the films we’ll stream, to distribute these films by snagging them for their own sites, and to support the causes promoted by these films by linking to participating nonprofits. Through SnagFilms, everyone on the web can be a theater owner and a film distributor if they just donate their pixels and enable these incredible documentaries to be seen,” said SnagFilms Chairman Ted Leonsis.

Selected Titles in SnagFilms Library

Africa Unite, Directed and Produced by Stephanie Black
Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore, Directed by Frank Popper, Audience Award, Silverdocs (2006)
Class Act, Directed by Randall Miller
Darkon, Directed by Luke Meyer, Audience Award, SXSW (2006)
Dig!, Directed by Ondi Timoner, Sundance Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize (2004), Bend Film Festival, Jury Prize, Best Director (2004)
Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars, Directed by Matt Hames, produced by The Redford Center at Sundance Preserve, narrated by Robert Redford
The Future of Food, Directed by Deborah Koons
Heavy Metal in Baghdad, Directed by Suroosh Alvi and Eddy Moretti, shown at SXSW Film Festival (2008), Toronto Film Festival (2007), Berlin Film Festival (2008)
The Ladies, Directed by Christina Voros, Grand Jury Prize Winner, Slamdance (2008)
Living Goddess, Directed by Ishbel Whitaker
Paper Clips, Directed by Elliot Berlin and Joe Fab
Run Granny Run, Directed by Marlo Poras, Audience Award, SXSW (2007)
Street Children, Directed by Ivan Nikolov, premiered at 2007 Cannes Film Festival
Super Size Me, Directed by Morgan Spurlock
What Would Jesus Buy, Directed by Rob VanAlkemade

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